We have increased our digital technology with not one but two new HP Indigo WS6900 Digital Presses.

The HP Indigo WS6900 Digital Press is the most cost-effective, high-quality printing solution for high-volume labels and packaging production. This Press is a one-stop-shop solution to produce any labels or packaging job on any substrate with easy and quick changeovers between applications. The HP 6900 delivers high throughput and superior color quality.

It’s One Shot Color technology—Performs accurate, repeatable printing. All color separations are laid down simultaneously in a single pass on the substrate, creating perfect color-to-color registration that allows wide media flexibility.

The HP Indigo WS6900 Digital press can print on either pre-optimized substrates or standard off-the-shelf materials using inline or offline priming solutions.

Our new HP Indigo WS6900 with it’s efficiency and versatility for high-capacity labels and packaging production is what you need for your next labeling project.