Environmental Awareness & Sustainability Policy

As a printer of millions of labels annually, CLOV is very sensitive to its production processes impact on the environment. We have taken the following steps to address our business’s environmental impact.

Water-Based Flexographic Presses
CLOV has taken major strides to reduce the amount of orders produced using flexography and the flexographic presses we utilize all use water-based inks. Our water-based inks are non-toxic and do not contain any lead or heavy metals, nor do they contain o-zone depleting chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or other volatile solvents.

Flexographic Platemaking
CLOV uses a 100% digital platemaking system that has eliminated the need for using strong solvents and other chemicals traditionally used in this process. Additionally, our plate usage has significantly decreased as we transition orders over to our digital presses whenever economically feasible.

HP Indigo Digital Printing
CLOV is proud to offer the most environmentally sensitive printing option available in our industry: HP Indigo Digital. Our HP Indigo 6900 Digital Presses are manufactured carbon neutral, and offer reduced production waste, a takeback program, and energy efficiency. The Regenerated Imaging Oil (RIO) system allows the press to be self-sustainable in imaging oil usage. Our HP Indigo Presses also allow usage of a wide array of media options, from FSC®-certified papers to biodegradable compostable films (that can help in reducing the adverse impact of economic activities on biodiversity). In addition, the HP inks which we use are recyclable and biodegradable (under specific conditions).

Power Management
Our HP Indigo presses allow for high ink usage with low energy consumption – compared to our traditional flexographic presses. Good lighting in our facility is essential to a safe working environment and equally necessary to the production of high-quality printed labels. CLOV has replaced outdated lighting systems with more efficient, newer technologies that provide excellent illumination while using less energy. We also carry this practice over to our office environment – with many common rooms using motion sensitive switches.

Waste Recycling
CLOV collaborates with its waste management company and raw material suppliers to recycle waste whenever possible. We have separate receptacles for waste and recyclable materials at each workstation – production and office.

Social Commitment
Creative Labels of Vermont is committed to being a good corporate citizen. We will meet or exceed all environmental, employment law and health and safety requirements. On an ongoing basis, we will identify and implement specific projects that target identifiable areas of improvement and execute those projects to fulfill our commitment to continuous improvement. Through this process, we will ensure that we provide a workplace and environment that protects our employees, our customers, and the members of the community in which we operate.